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Have any questions regarding your child’s health? Just ask iBabyDoc.

Dr. Michael Bornstein helps parents get the health answers they need. While caring for his patients in his private practice, Dr. Bornstein realized that he wanted to provide a resource for parents who were interested in understanding more about children’s health. He decided to create in December of 1999.

Now Dr. Bornstein has created the Child Docs iPhone app to help parents keep track of their children’s vaccinations, growth, allergies and medications.

The Child Docs app keeps track of vaccination dates and gives notification of when the next vaccine is due. The vaccine record can be e-mailed from the application. The application allows you to record height, weight, and head circumference and calculate BMI. Growth charts are provided so a parent can know where their child falls on growth parameters. List of all previous growth parameters are shown so a parent can follow their child’s growth progression. There is an area to enter allergies, doctors name and phone number, and any notes.

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