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Food allergies/anxiety
Hi Dr. B, my 10 year old daughter had a reaction to Motrin a year ago. We h...
Dr. B
Re: Lexapro and OCD
Hi, That can be a side effect of that medicine.
Lexapro and OCD
My 11 year old son is taking 20mg Lexapro for anxiety. Over the last coupl...
Re: Ped vs adult neurology
thanks a bunch.
Dr. B
Re: Ped vs adult neurology
Hi, Sorry for the long delay. I think at 15 years old at his height, he ...
Ped vs adult neurology
***** waving ***** how are ya???? soo.... when is a pediatric brain no...
Dr. B
Re: Detoxing From Risperidone
Hi, I usually just wean them off. Half the dose for a week, half that fo...

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