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Re: Weird Bump
Here is an update. First doctor doesn't have a clue what it is. Dermato...
Weird Bump
Dr. B, Elias has this strange lumpy thing on his ankle. It's not an inj...
Fever coming and going
Dr. B, Last weekend Elias ran a temp on Saturday, Sunday and Monday that...
Re: Migraines in teens
hey, Kristy!!! My beastly sizes 16 year old lad started with Migraines a...
mastitis: 15 year old
good day!!! my 15 year old, who is not breastfeeding and not pregnant, h...
Dr. B
Re: Recurring sickness....
Hi, I would take a week off an isolate them. Maybe if they can avoid exp...
Recurring sickness....
Hi Doc B! Feeling frustrated over here. I have 5 kiddos and they have b...

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